Theoretical Computer Science II (ACS II) - Exercises


Exercise Sheet Handed out Due
Exercise Sheet 1 Mon, October 24 Mon, October 31
Exercise Sheet 2 Mon, October 31 Mon, November 7
Exercise Sheet 3 Mon, November 7 Mon, November 14
Exercise Sheet 4 Mon, November 14 Mon, November 21
Exercise Sheet 5 Mon, November 21 Mon, November 28
Exercise Sheet 6 Mon, November 28 Mon, December 5
Exercise Sheet 7 Mon, December 5 Mon, December 12
Exercise Sheet 8 Mon, December 12 Mon, December 19
Exercise Sheet 9 Mon, December 19 Mon, January 9
Exercise Sheet 10 Mon, January 9 Mon, January 16
Exercise Sheet 11 Mon, January 16 Mon, January 23
Exercise Sheet 12 Mon, January 23 Mon, January 30
Exercise Sheet 13 Mon, January 30 Mon, February 6
Exercise Sheet 14 Mon, February 6 Mon, February 13

Extra exercise sheets

These exercise sheets are optional, but they may be helpful to practice a bit more:

Exercise Rules

Exercise assignments will be put on the web each Monday. The solutions are collected the following Monday before the lecture. Solutions may be submitted in German or in English. Marked solutions will be returned and discussed in the tutorials on Thursday. Working on the assignments in groups of two (2) people is encouraged; larger groups are not permitted and will get no marks.

Finally, don't cheat! Since it is not necessary to have perfect solutions, cheating would just diminish the learning effect.