Lectures in winter semester 2005/2006

Advanced AI Techniques

This course covers some of the topics that are left out or are only scratched on the surface in the "Foundations of Artificial Intelligence" course, namely modelling and reasoning with Bayesian networks, probabilistic approaches to natural language understanding, probabilistic approaches in robotics, and game-theoretic approaches to multi-agent systems. Each of these topics will be covered in roughly four weeks.

Course type: Lecture
Lecturers: Prof. Dr. Wolfram Burgard, Prof. Dr. Luc De Raedt, Prof. Dr. Bernhard Nebel and Prof. Dr. Lars Schmidt-Thieme
Web page: Advanced AI Techniques

Prinzipien der Wissensrepräsentation

This course is held in German.

Die Vorlesung bietet eine detaillierte Einführung in die Techniken, die die Grundlage fortgeschrittener Systeme zur Wissensrepräsentation und zum automatischen Schlussfolgern bilden: semantische Netzwerke und Vererbung, Beschreibungslogiken, nicht-monotones Schließen (Default-Logik, kumulative Logik, nicht-monotone Logikprogramme) sowie zeitliches und räumliches Schließen in Allens Intervallalgebra und dem Regionzusammenhangskalkül RCC-8.

Course type: Lecture
Lecturers: Prof. Dr. Bernhard Nebel and Dr. Stefan Wölfl
Web page: Prinzipien der Wissensrepräsentation

Computer-Supported Modeling and Reasoning

This lecture is about using logic for program development and program analysis. Various logic systems (first-order logic, higher-order logic etc.) will be introduced, and it will be shown how proofs in these systems can be conducted both using paper and pencil and using the interactive theorem prover Isabelle. The general principles of an Isabelle-like theorem prover will be explained. It will be shown how an important part of mathematics and programming languages can be modeled in higher-order logic. The lecture will conclude with a verification case-study.

Course type: Lecture
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Jan-Georg Smaus
Web page: Computer-Supported Modeling and Reasoning

Robotics Laboratory

The laboratory provides motivated students with an opportunity to apply their knowledge on the development of autonomous agents in the context of RoboCup. This includes topics from the areas of Artificial Intelligence, image/sensor processing, real time systems and control engineering. This semester, projects are available in two RoboCup leagues: Real Rescue Robots and Soccer/Humanoid.

Course type: Laboratory
Organizers: Dr. Alexander Kleiner, Dr. Sven Behnke and Prof. Dr. Bernhard Nebel
Web page: Robotics Laboratory

Oberseminar Grundlagen der Künstlichen Intelligenz

This seminar is held in German.

In der Seminarreihe tragen Gäste, Doktoranden und Studenten der Abteilung über aktuelle Forschungsthemen vor. Alle Interessenten sind herzlichst zu den Vorträgen eingeladen!

Course type: AI lab seminar
Organizers: Prof. Dr. Bernhard Nebel and Prof. Dr. Jan-Georg Smaus
Web page: Oberseminar Grundlagen der Künstlichen Intelligenz