Handlungsplanung - Evaluation


Study program and semester:

  • 3x B.Sc. Informatik, 5th semester
  • 1x B.Sc. Informatik, 7th semester
  • 1x B.Sc. Informatik, 9th semester
  • 1x B.Sc. Informatik, 10th semester
  • 6x M.Sc. Informatik, 1st semester
  • 3x M.Sc. Informatik, 2nd semester
  • 4x M.Sc. ACS, 1st semester
  • 2x M.Sc. ACS, 3rd semester
  • 1x B.Sc. Mathematik
  • 1x Diplom, 9th semester

Questions about the course

1. I learned a lot in this course.

[Abbildung 1]
Strongly agree Somewhat agree Undecided Somewhat disagree Disagree

2. The level of the lecture content is ...

[Abbildung 2]
Too high Rather high Appropriate Rather low Too low

3. The topical connections to other courses are identified.

[Abbildung 3]
Strongly agree Somewhat agree Undecided Somewhat disagree Disagree

4. Some learning content has already been covered in other courses.

[Abbildung 4]
Strongly agree Somewhat agree Undecided Somewhat disagree Disagree

5. A central theme of the course is clearly present.

[Abbildung 5]
Strongly agree Somewhat agree Undecided Somewhat disagree Disagree

6. The learning materials (scripts, slides, web content, lecture recordings, literature etc.) are helpful.

[Abbildung 6]
Strongly agree Somewhat agree Undecided Somewhat disagree Disagree

7. The lecturer explains well.

[Abbildung 7]
Strongly agree Somewhat agree Undecided Somewhat disagree Disagree

8. The lecturer responds to questions from students sufficiently and comprehensibly.

[Abbildung 8]
Strongly agree Somewhat agree Undecided Somewhat disagree Disagree

9. How many hours a week do you invest in this course (including lectures, tutorials, preparation, exercise sheets etc.)?

[Abbildung 9]
1-4 5-8 9-12 13-16 17-20 21-24 >24

10. How do you consume the lectures predominantly?

[Abbildung 10]
Present Partly present, partly by recordings (OR SLIDES) By recordings Neither

Explanation to Q10:

  • "We don't have recordings, so not much of a choice here."
  • "No recordings, but good explanations. Slides also well done."
  • "Ich kann nur zu einem Termin anwesend sein (es gibt aber keine Aufzeichnungen)."
  • "Recordings would be nice."
  • "No recordings."
  • "Da ich jedoch lange Anfahrtswege habe und die Vorlesung sehr gut gehalten wird, wären recordings für mich auch willkommen."

Questions about the tutorials (general):

11. The exercises are ...

[Abbildung 11]
Too difficult Rather difficult Appropriate Rather easy Too easy

Questions about the tutorials:

12. The tutorials are a good addition to the lecture.

[Abbildung 12]
Strongly agree Somewhat agree Undecided Somewhat disagree Disagree

13. The tutor explains well.

[Abbildung 13]
Strongly agree Somewhat agree Undecided Somewhat disagree Disagree

14. The group size of the tutorial is ...

[Abbildung 14]
Too big Appropriate Too small


15. What did you particularly like about the course? What should be kept this way?

  • "It's generally good! I would consider it a very helpful course in the AI field."
  • "Well-structured slides."
  • "I think the lecturer's attitude and teaching methods were good."
  • "Slides are printed and get handed out."
  • "Printed slides which makes it easier to follow."
  • "Good explanations in the lecture, lots of examples."
  • "The slides are well-structured and the running examples make it easier to follow."
  • "Lecturer's motivation."
  • "The lecturer is motivated and his explanations are well."
  • "Known examples of planning in games."
  • "The topics are very interesting."
  • "Slides."
  • "Die praktischen Projekte."
  • "Prints of slides and exercises are handed out."
  • "Guter Aufbau! Roter Faden erkennbar und durch Aufgaben vertieft!"

16. What did you particularly dislike about the course? What could be improved?

  • "Project and exercise sheets at the same time consumes too much time. Project is not helpful to learning the content."
  • "I would like to have recordings. Then, even if I don't understand something, I can still get back to it."
  • "I think proofs in the exercises are rather difficult and not so beneficial. Also, in the tutorials, the materials should be explained better and answers should be available online."
  • "The huge amount of material and information. It's not difficult, but there is too much different but similar stuff."
  • "The lectures are not recorded. The material needs more examples."
  • "Exercises should be explained better. Solutions should be handed out (sometimes, the explanation is too fast)."
  • "A lot of time spent on the deterministic parts and special cases. Solutions for the exercises are not available online and explained only very coarsely."
  • "Exercises not too hard, but sometimes too big. 1000+ slides."
  • "Too much stuff (>= 1000 slides)."
  • "Exercise points needed for being able to participate in the exam."
  • "Sometimes the exercise sheets were too hard."
  • "Wenn man die Aufgaben nicht selbst gelöst hat / lösen konnte, hilft die Übungsstunde nur bedingt weiter, da die Aufgaben zu schnell besprochen werden, um mitschreiben zu können, und auch nicht auf die Website hochgeladen werden."
  • "No recordings."
  • "Alle zwei Wochen ein Übungsblatt würde auch reichen. Aufzeichnungen wären auch nicht schlecht."
  • "I would like to have a structured script, no single slides. The slides are ok, but all in one would be better to find something when having a special question."
  • "Recordings! Projects and exercise sheets should also be handed out in German (würde Missverständnisse vermeiden und Zeit sparen)."
  • "Während der parallelen Bearbeitungen der praktischen und theoretischen Übungen ist die Arbeitsbelastung höher als sonst."

Teaching Award:

I would like to recommend the lecturer for the faculty’s teaching award.

  • Yes: 6
  • No: 17

Faculty teaching award, explanation:

  • "I think R. Mattmüller performs well in lectures and does his best to explain and teach everything."
  • "Strong motivation, good literature base, overview about material that is not directly covered."
  • "Der Dozent vermittelt auch abstrakten Stoff auf anschauliche Weise."
  • "Because he did a good job as a lecturer."
  • "He always answers questions and can explain very well."
  • "<no explanation>"