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Introduction to Multi-Agent-Programming - Exercises


Consultation-hour: Monday 13:00-14:00 at Robocup Room (Building 082 opposite Mensa, Entrance through blue door)
Presentation: Wednesday 14:15-15:00
Each participant should present one of their solutions at least once in the presentation section.


Exercise Sheet Handed out Due
Exercise Sheet 1 Wednesday, Oct. 21 Monday, Oct. 26
Exercise Sheet 2 Monday, Oct. 26 Monday, Nov. 2
Exercise Sheet 3 Monday, Nov. 2 Monday, Nov. 16
Exercise Sheet 4 Monday, Nov. 16 Monday, Nov. 23
Exercise Sheet 5 Monday, Nov. 23 Monday, Nov. 30
Exercise Sheet 6 Monday, Nov. 30 Monday, Dec. 7
Exercise Sheet 7 Monday, Dec. 7 Monday, Dec. 14
Exercise Sheet 8 Monday, Dec. 14 Monday, Jan. 11
Exercise Sheet 9 Monday, Jan. 11 Monday, Jan. 18
Exercise Sheet 10 Monday, Jan. 18 Monday, Jan. 25
Exercise Sheet 11 Monday, Jan. 25 Monday, Feb. 1
Exercise Sheet 12 Monday, Feb. 1 Monday, Feb. 15
If you do not have a "good" CommInterface (i.e. Exercise 5.2)
For now: Use the provided sample CommInterface (sending single messages) and edit boot/config.txt.
Increase "max_platoon_message_count : 4" and the matching value in RescueConstants.

Tell us via eMail about these changes!


The slides and Account information for exercise01
The slides for exercise02
The slides for exercise04
The com subsystem slides (includes jade)
The jade tutorial for exercise05
The Firebrigades overview for exercise07
The Advanced Firebrigades overview for exercise08

Download the base code (Rescue Kernel and SampleExplorationAgents) Updated: 22.10.2009
If you have a problem with c++ compiler, please try the corrected base code
For g++-4.3, please try the g++-4.3 base code
Download the Kobe Fire Map pack 9.12.2009
Additional: the Only Fire start script 9.12.2009