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Robotics Lab Course: Robocup Logistics League

Organizer: Dr. Andreas Hertle, Prof. Dr. Bernhard Nebel,

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Andreas Hertle.


  • 26-04-2017, 14:00--15:00 (Bld. 82, Room 00-025): Introduction / Kickoff-Meeting


This semester we will focus on Robocup Logistics League in this lab course. The logistics league is the newest addition to the International Robocup Competition, where each team is in charge of production in a smart factory. The factory consists of multiple machines and three autonomous robots that transport the products from one machine to the next. The products have varying complexity, some requirering multiple production steps with additional raw material. More information can be found on: www.robocup-logistics.org/sim-comp

Your task will be to design the autonomous behavior for the robots. The robots have to decide what product order to focus on, how to devide the product order into subtasks and which robot to assign for each subtask. The robots will need to react to new product orders and to maintanance events, where a production machine is shutdown and not accessible for a short time. The production environment and the robots are simulated in Gazebo.

You will form 3 teams of two or three students. Each team will be working on their own behavior for the robots. At the end of the semester we will hold a competition between the teams to determine the best approach.