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Theoretical Computer Science II (ACS II) - Evaluation



  • 4x not specified
  • 3x Chinese
  • 3x Mexican
  • 3x Pakistan
  • 2x German
  • 2x Indian
  • 1x Indonesian
  • 1x Irani
  • 1x Iraqi
  • 1x Jordanian
  • 1x Kazakh

Study program: Computer Science as

  • 15x Master of Science, 1. Semester
  • 3x Master of Science, 2. Semester
  • 3x Master of Science, Semester Unspecified
  • 1x Master of Science, 3. Semester

Nominations for the teaching awards

  • 12x Dr. Helmert
  • 11x Dr. Karwath

I would like to nominate Dr. Helmert for the teaching award. My reason:

  • "He takes care to explain even the minute details and is very thoroughwith the teaching"
  • "I will never forget his wonderful lectures."
  • "cooperation in lectures"
  • "He is very good in explanation and giving example for the course, so then I've in general or especially me. Can good understanding for the lecture he given. Very patient to answer every question."
  • "He explains clearly and really cares if you understand."
  • "He gives everything in the lecture very clearly and has a good voice."
  • "He explains well."
  • "Well composed, well prepared, good player in class, always listens and answers the questions."
  • "He is more friendly and prepares his lecture more and good and accurate."

I would like to nominate Dr. Karwath for the teaching award. My reason:

  • "I like the way that he explains the topics. He explains in a clear way and the topics are interesting and practical"
  • "Keeps a very good pace while teaching and I personally have never once lost focus while he teaches. He can keep us very attentive."
  • "Dr. Karwath is a very good lecturer and explains everything in details so that we will understand every detail of the material."
  • "fun with study"
  • "his lectures are interesting and very clear and he is very nice."
  • "He explains well."
  • "Well composed, well prepared, good player in class, always listens and answers the questions."
  • "I can more understand how to Dr. Karwath teach than other. simple prove, good explains."
  • "Well training, domain all the topics that he has teached. In class he is always interactive with the students."

Questions about the lecture

How would you rate the lecturer's overall performance? (Dr. Helmert)

[Abbildung 1]
very bad bad average good very good

How would you rate the lecturer's overall performance? (Dr. Karwath)

[Abbildung 2]
very bad bad average good very good

Is the content of the lecture well-structured?

[Abbildung 3]
not at all rather badly average well very well

How valuable is the accompanying material?

[Abbildung 4]
not helpful not very
average helpful very helpful

How do you feel about this lecture?

[Abbildung 5]
not very
adequate challenged overstrained

How do you evaluate the quantity of material taught in this course?

[Abbildung 6]
not enough little average much too much

How many hours a week do you invest in this course?

[Abbildung 7]
0 1-4 5-8 9-12 13-16 17-19 20-24 25-29 >29

What do you like about this course?

  • "I like more the second half because of the topics. I think there where in the first part topics that were so new to me and quite difficult. I like the recording files, we can have the chance to revisit the topics that were not clear. The tutor's willingness to explain."
  • "The material is very good, especially the recording is great (very helpful)"
  • "It clears the basic doubts we may have in CS and is a very good refresher course of what we have studied in Bachelor."
  • "The slides and the sound files in the website and the material."
  • "The course is well organized, because I feel in a short time it is difficult to cover many things."
  • "the content, well preparation, good explanation."
  • "Its introductory nature."
  • "It is useful and some points are interesting."
  • "We can get some basic knowledge about computation"
  • "I can learn the basic knowledge of logic and computer science. it's very useful."
  • "Many fundamental subjects are taught in this lecture. They are really helpful for the other advanced lectures."
  • "New information and (tutor preparation for exercises andsolution."
  • "The tutor is always prepared well which is really nice. The professors give their best as well."
  • "Content and backup support from Teacher and Tutor."
  • "The course contents provide the theoretical computer science and logic which is very fundamental for computer science students. Also it does the basic building as the computer science student."
  • "I like that we have good examples and video recordings of the lectures."
  • "The material is interesting."
  • "I like everything at all. The content is very interesting each topic becomes more challenging."
  • "everything is explained step by step."
  • "the explanations are very good."
  • "the logic part"
  • "the course is good but the content of the course are I feel like unknown as I read my whole bachelor but nobody teaches us such contents."

What do you not like so much about this course?

  • "There is so much material to study and I spent so much time solving the exercise sheets. I don't want to imagine how the final exam would be. Because probably we won't have enough time to solve the exercises if they are as difficult as the ones from the exercise sheets."
  • "Probably that the course is kind of complex and would need a better explanation about the topics (deep explanation)."
  • "Nothing, everything is ok."
  • "Sometimes so many things in a short span of time."
  • "The weekly assignment because for one assignment which is given time just 6 days is sometimes not enough to be solved."
  • "The size of the material covered."
  • "Most of the time I don't follow the lectures in the class. Maybe there is a little interaction between lecturers and students. I wish we could be more active in class!"
  • "Too much data (and the lectures don't cover these data fairly)."
  • "Too much material is being taught."
  • "There are multiple tracks in one subject/course like theoretical computer science and logic. Somehow it sounds strange to me."
  • "The exercise. I doing all the weeks to focus in this exercise and don't have time to study the material."
  • "The automata part."
  • "The exercises which tutor gave us to solve are very difficult and every week exercise is not good. It must be one in 15 days."

Any suggestions how to improve this course?

  • "It would be good if we could have more examples. So then we could resolve easier the exercises because sometimes the exercises are very complex compared to the ones in class."
  • "Maybe it will help us more if we have longer assignment sheets. :-)"
  • "I think when lecturer attends tutorial then it'll be good for students."
  • "It would be nice if the assignment is given every two weeks - so we can have time lil bit."
  • "Too much theory to understand, it needs more examples."
  • "please try to make a more precise slide."
  • "I believe that teamwork really works. I wish more studentactivities in any lectures."
  • "Concentration on some topics i better than many topics without concentration.Make the material smaller..."
  • "There should be some practical work on any Toll or Tech which will be good aid to student. Turing machine/Automata kind of software."
  • "To make maybe more examples, oriented on other books than Sipser."
  • "Give more examples in the course."
  • "More examples about the exercises in class."
  • "There must be some practical implementation included in the course material other than only theory."
  • "The content needs to be better and make more practical."

Questions about the tutorial

How difficult are the exercises?

[Abbildung 8]
too easy easy adequate difficult very difficult

Are the tutorials a good addition to the lecture?

[Abbildung 9]
not at all not very average good very good

How well does the tutor explain and answer questions?

[Abbildung 10]
very badly badly average well very well

Is the group size of the tutorial ok?

[Abbildung 11]
too small small adequate big too big

Your feedback concerning the exercises and the tutorial:

  • "The solutions handed over are really well explained."
  • "The exercises are very helpful. I understand everything after doing the exercises."
  • "I think the tutor should accept exercises between the lecture because some students come late because they could have emergencies, but she does not accept after 9:20 am."
  • "This tutorial & exercises classes are very helpful and give us further knowledge of this lecture."
  • "Very good. They help me stay with the material and make sure I understand."
  • "The form of the tutorial is very good and helpful to me."
  • "Very good work!"
  • "Teamwork should be considered more!"
  • "Some of the questions in the exercise are not clear. Sometimes they are ambiguous."
  • "Some of the exercises sometimes are not so clear at all because of the sentences. As result we are not getting very good marks."
  • "The exercise and the tutorials are very helpful to understand what was taught in the lecture."
  • "It's good to help in learning."
  • "Exercises need to be little easy and must be one in 14 days."