Praktikum Robotik - Projekte

Project 1: Detecting points from RGB images in RGBD data.

Contact: Dr. Christian Dornhege
The aim of this project is to match points in a given plain 2D camera image to live data from an RGBD source (the Kinect Camera). The matched points in the RGBD image can now be referenced to a 3D point in space, thus the system is able to find 3D points from a given 2D image.

Project 2: Recognizing known places in laser scan data.

Contact: Dr. Christian Dornhege
Finding known places is an important skill for a robot. The target of this project is to label known places in laser scan data. During operation on live data these places should be recognized and matched. To facilitate the matching laser scans will be transformed to line sets. A matching procedure will be developed to match line sets.

Project 3: Building an integrated inertial sensor from consumer parts.

Contact: Dr. Christian Dornhege
In this project an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) will be developed from cheap consumer electronics parts, mainly from the Nintendo Wii. The sensors are connected to an Arduino microcontroller where they will be read and integrated into one combined estimate to be used in place of a commercial IMU. The final device will be compared to commercial sensors.

Project 4: Walking down a ramp with a humanoid robot.

Contact: Maren Bennewitz
So far, our humanoid is able to walk up the staircase of the environment designed for the robot. The goal of this project is to construct a ramp and design stable walking patterns so that the robot can reach the lower level again. Additionally, we will investigate whether actions can be defined that allow the robot to also safely walk down the staircase.