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Introduction to Multi-Agent-Programming - Exercises


Consultation-hour: Wednesday 13:00 - 14:00 Robocup Room (Building 082 opposite Mensa, Entrance through blue door)
Presentation: Thursday 15:15-16:00
Each participant should present one of their solutions at least once in the presentation section.


Exercise Sheet Handed out Due
Exercise Sheet 1 Thu, October 23 Thu, October 30
Exercise Sheet 2 Thu, October 30 Thu, November 6
Exercise Sheet 3 Thu, November 6 Wed, November 12
Exercise Sheet 4 Wed, November 12 Wed, November 26
Exercise Sheet 5 Wed, November 26 Wed, December 3
Exercise Sheet 6 Wed, December 3 Wed, December 10
Exercise Sheet 7 Wed, December 10 Wed, December 17
Exercise Sheet 8 Wed, December 17 Wed, January 14
Exercise Sheet 9 Wed, January 14 Wed, January 21
Exercise Sheet 10 Wed, January 21 Wed, January 28
Exercise Sheet 11 Wed, January 28 Wed, Feburary 4
Exercise Sheet 12 Wed, Feburary 4 Wed, Feburary 11

NOTE: The map Kobe_expl does not have refuges yet. To activate them, please edit gisini.txt and uncomment the Refuge=... lines.


Download the ex02 latex source code
The source can be compiled by "make exercise02.pdf"

Download the String Game base code
Download the base code (Rescue Kernel and SampleExplorationAgents) Updated: 30.10.2008
Download the Comm Patch Updated: 3.11.2008
Download the Com Subsystem Base
Download the Sensing Patch 3.12.2008
Download the Kobe Hard Map pack 18.12.2008
Rescue 2005 TDPs and open source agents
Introduction slides
Communication/Blackboard slides
Path Planning
ComSubsystem intro
Joint World Models Slides
Ex10 Overview
Ex11 Overview
You may need this page for the JADE exercise.
The Planner package from grp3.
The Slides for Vickrey-Clarke-Groves
The Slides for Fire Brigade Agents.
The Slides for Ambulance Team Agents.
Approaching Urban Disaster Reality: The ResQ Firesimulator