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Advanced AI Techniques - Overview

Lecturers: Prof. Dr. Wolfram Burgard, Prof. Dr. Bernhard Nebel and Dr. Kristian Kersting

Assistants: Prof. Dr. Marco Ragni and Axel Rottmann

Basic Information

Lectures: Tuesday 14:15-16:00 and thursday 14:15-16:00
Exercise session: Every two week on thursday 14:15-16:00. Starting on 2.11.06
Exam: TBA
Locations: Room 00 006 in building 082


Lectures, slides, assignments and the exam will be in English. Participants may ask questions and write down their exercise and exam results in English or German.


This course covers some of the topics that are left out or are only scratched on the surface in the "Foundations of Artificial Intelligence" course:

  • Modelling and reasoning with Bayesian networks.
  • Probabilistic approaches in robotics.
  • Game-theoretic approaches to multi-agent systems.


This course is targetted at advanced students (second half of the "Diplom" degree, ACS). Participants are expected to have knowledge in AI as taught in the "Foundations of Artificial Intelligence" course.

Exam and Assignments

In order to obtain a "benoteten Schein" or credit points (as applicable), participants are required to pass a written exam.
The course is worth six credit points.


In addition to the exam, there will be weekly assignments and exercise sessions. Students are encouraged to actively participate in these in order to further their understanding of the course material.

The exercises will be published here on tuesdays and they are always due on Tuesday, 14:15 o'clock. Please work on the exercises in groups of 3 students each and hand in a joint solution of 3 students each.

For each exercise assignment one (1) bonus point can be gained. In order to have the bonus points added to the exam score, at least one presentation of exercise solutions in a tutorial has to be given. Each presentation is worth one (1) bonus point but no more than two (2) can be gained in this manner. Also, students are not allowed to miss more than four (4) tutorials if they want to get their bonus points.