Game Theory - Exercises

The exercise sheets may and should be worked on and handed in in groups of two students. Please indicate both names on your solution. You may submit your solutions either on paper before class (preferred) or by email to Dr. Robert Mattmüller. In the latter case, please start the subject line of your message with ``[gt15]''.

Exercise sheets

Sheet Handed out Due
Exercise sheet 1 Fr, April 24 Mo, May 4
Exercise sheet 2 Mo, May 4 Fr, May 8
Exercise sheet 3 Fr, May 8 Fr, May 15
Exercise sheet 4 Fr, May 15 Fr, May 22
Exercise sheet 5 Fr, May 22 Mo, June 8
Exercise sheet 6 Fr, June 5 Fr, June 12
Exercise sheet 7 Fr, June 12 Fr, June 19
Exercise sheet 8 Fr, June 19 Fr, June 26
Exercise sheet 9 Fr, June 26 Fr, July 3
Exercise sheet 10 Fr, July 3 Fr, July 10
Exercise sheet 11 Fr, July 10 Fr, July 17
Additional file for exercise sheet 9: prisoners.py

Web-based experiments

We will occasionally (roughly bi-weekly) conduct web-based experiments that have to be worked on within about one week from the date we post them (alone, not in groups). When you first log in to the site, use the course number 2513, your email address, and the course password provided in class (and in a separate email through the campus management system).

Deadlines for the web-based experiments:

Experiment Handed out Due
Web-based experiment 1 Fr, April 24 Mo, May 4
Web-based experiment 2 Mo, May 11 Tu, May 19
Web-based experiment 3 Fr, June 19 Th, July 2

Each web-based experiment set is worth 4 points.