Foundations of Artificial Intelligence - Exercises


Sheet no. Date handed out Date submission Solutions
Exercise sheet 01  (german) Fri, April 20 Fri, April 27
Exercise sheet 02  (german) Fri, April 27 Fri, May 4
Exercise sheet 03  (german) Fri, May 4 Fri, May 11
Exercise sheet 04  (german) Fri, May 11 Fri, May 18
Exercise sheet 05  (german) Fri, May 18 Fri, May 25
Exercise sheet 06  (german) Fri, May 25 Fri, June 8
Exercise sheet 07  (german) Fri, June 8 Fri, June 15
Exercise sheet 08  (german) Fri, June 15 Fri, June 22
Exercise sheet 09  (german) Fri, June 22 Fri, June 29
Exercise sheet 10  (german) Fri, June 29 Fri, July 6
Exercise sheet 11  (german) Fri, July 6 Fri, July 13
Exercise sheet 12  (german) Fri, July 13 Fri, July 20 solution12.1.pdf  solution12.1.ods  solution12.1.xls  solution12.2.pdf 

Sheet 6

Exercise Rules

Exercise assignments will be put on the web each friday. The solutions are collected the following friday before the lecture. Solutions may be submitted in german or in english. Corrected solutions will be given back and discussed in the tutorials the following week. Working on the assignments in groups of up to three (3) people is encouraged.

For each exercise assignment, one (1) bonus point can be gained. The bonus points are not only given for correct and complete answers but depend on whether the entire sheet has been worked on in a sensible manner. Judgement on this lies with the respective tutors. Half (1/2) bonus points can also be given for partially worked-on assignments.

In order to have the bonus points added to the exam score, at least one presentation of exercise solutions in a tutorial has to be given. Each presentation is worth one (1) bonus point but not more then two (2) can be gained in this manner. Also, students are not allowed to miss more than four (4) tutorials if they want to get their bonus points.

Finally, don't cheat! Since it is not necessary to have perfect solutions, cheating would just diminish the learning effect. If two groups' solutions are found to be copies of each other, both lose the bonus point for this assignment. If a solution is found to be a copy from a book or web resource, this group loses the bonus point for this assignment. Repeated plagiarism leads to forfeiture of this group's bonus points.