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Robotics Lab Course: Social Robotics

Organizer: Prof. Dr. Felix Lindner (Juniorprof.), Prof. Dr. Bernhard Nebel,

If you have any questions, please contact Prof. Dr. Felix Lindner (Juniorprof.).


  • Regular meetings: Monday 13:00, Bld. 82, Labs
  • 16-04-2018, 14:00--15:00 (Bld. 82, Room 00-025): Introduction / Kickoff-Meeting


  • Slides of the Kickoff Meeting


This semester we will focus on the design and implementation of interactions between humans and social robots. Social robotics is a research area that investigates how humans relate to robots in various contexts and roles: Does a robotic teacher improve learning success of children? Does a robot companion watching TV together with a human change the way the human experiences that movie? Can social robots help to lower anxiety in stressful situations? Being designed to interact with humans, social robots have to fulfill certain requirements like responsiveness, usability, likability, and safety.

You will form three teams of two or three students. Each team will design and implement their own human-robot interaction. The willingness to do active programming is an essential requirement for this course! At the end of the semester, each group presents their results to an interested audience.