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Computer Science Theory I - Overview

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Jan-Georg Smaus

Exercises: Dr. Alexander Schimpf and Ahmed Mahdi

Time and Location

Lecture: Tuesday 16:15-18:00 and Wednesday 16:15-17:00, SR 01-009/13, building 101.
Exercises: Wednesday 17:15-18:00, SR 01-009/13, building 101.


The lecture will be given in English.


Central topics of this lecture include:

  • Introduction to algorithm design and analysis
  • Introduction to complexity theory
  • Introduction to database algorithms

The goal of this course is to improve your knowledge on data structures and algorithms, as well as database systems. To achieve this goal, some basic knowledge of standard data structures and algorithms are required. Mathematical tools and methods, usually taught in the first two years of a bachelor program in computer science, are frequently used in this lecture.

Credit Points

The course is worth six (ECTS) credit points.

In order to obtain credit points, participants are required to pass a written exam at the end of the semester.

Mock exam

In order to be admitted to the exam, students must participate actively in the course and exercises. Concretely, a student must obtain 50% of the total points in the exercises.

It is not allowed to use any notes in the exam.

Exam Date and Location

31st August, 2011, 14:00-15:30, Kinohörsaal.


Master of Science (Applied Computer Science)


This lecture is based on materials developed by Prof. Dr. R. Elsässer, Prof. Dr. Th. Ottman, Prof. Dr. P. Thiemann and Prof. Dr. G. Lausen. Wolfgang Paulat has provided substantial assistance in the production of the slides.