Foundations of Artificial Intelligence - Lectures

Lecture slides and recordings

No. Date Topic Slides Recordings
1. Tue, April 21 Introduction (Screen) (Printer; 4-up) Recording
2. Tue, April 21
Fri, April 24
Rational Agents (Screen) (Printer; 4-up) Recording
3. Fri, April 24
Tue, April 28
Solving Problems by Searching (Screen) (Printer; 4-up) Recording
4. Tue, April 28
Tue, May 05
Informed Search Methods (Screen) (Printer; 4-up) Recording
5. Tue, May 05
Fri, May 08
Constraint Satisfaction Problems (Screen) (Printer; 4-up) Recording
6. Tue, May 12 Board Games (Screen) (Printer; 4-up) Recording
7. Fri, May 15
Tue, May 19
Propositional Logic (Screen) (Printer; 4-up) Recording
8. Tue, May 19
Fri, May 22
Satisfiability and Model Construction (Screen) (Printer; 4-up) Recording
9. Tue, May 26
Fri, May 29
Tue, June 09
Predicate Logic (Screen) (Printer; 4-up) Recording
10. Fri, June 12 Knowledge Representation (Screen) (Printer; 4-up) Recording
11. Tue, June 16 Machine Learning (Screen) (Printer; 4-up) Recording
12. Fri, June 19
Tue, June 23
Fri, June 26
Making Simple Decisions under Uncertainty (Screen) (Printer; 4-up) Recording
13. Tue, June 30
Fri, July 3
Planning (Screen) (Printer; 4-up) Recording
14. Tue, July 7 Acting under Uncertainty (Screen) (Printer; 4-up) Recording
15. Tue, July 14 Mobile Robot Localization (Screen) (Printer; 4-up) Recording
16. Fri, July 17
Tue, July 21
Statistical Machine Learning (Screen) (Printer; 4-up) Recording
17. Tue, July 21 Supervised and Unsupervised Learning (Screen) (Printer; 4-up) Recording
18. Fri, July 24 IJCAI (Screen) (Printer; 4-up) Recording

Note: recordings in english (summer term 2007) can be found here.

Note on the Recordings

The Lecturnity Player is needed for watching the recorded lectures and can be downloaded here.

Windows: after installing the player, one can play the .lpd-files by double-clicking on the file or by starting the player and then opening the appropriate file.

Linux / Mac: the java-based player is started by entering
java -jar playerxxxxx.jar .lpd-file, where xxxxx is the corresponding version number.