Software Laboratory - robot simulation with UT2003

Organizers: Dr. Alexander Kleiner and Dr. Sven Behnke

Time and Location

Time: Wednesday 14:00-18:00
Introductory meeting: Wednesday, April 14st 2005, 13:00
Location: Building 106, Room 106.00.007


The laboratory provides motivated students with an opportunity to apply their knowledge on the development of autonomous agents in the context of RoboCup. This includes topic from the areas of Artificial Intelligence, image/sensor processing, real time systems and control engineering. For a more detailed description of RoboCup, have a look at the official homepage www.robocup.org.

Within this exercises, students learn to program robots that are simulated in a modified version of the computer game "Unreal Tournament 2003". They have to simulate either robots that have to find victims in a disaster are (RoboCupRescue) or humanoid robots that play soccer (RoboCupSoccer).

Real Rescue League Yellow Arena Real Rescue League Orange Arena Real Rescue League Red Arena Simulated Pioneer II RoboSapiens

Doku and Help


USARSim Downloads
How to get USARSim running?
USARSim extension
USAR Simulator Manual (0.5MB)
NISTarenas (4.7MB)
A Game Engine Based Simulation Of The NIST Urban Search & Rescue Arnas (J. Wang M. Lewis J. Gennari)

Maya 3D

Texturing learning-maya.com
Maya to Unreal Editor 3
Custom Collision
Turtle example
16 step UV mapping
Car example

Good to know

Gamebots runs on port 3000.
Startpositions: Yellow 1200,345,-450 , Orange 312,-600,-305, Red 200,600,-450
1 UU equals 4mm

Unreal documentation

Unreal Developer Network
UnrealScript Language
UnrealEd Beginner Tutorial
UnrealEd Beginner Tutorial

Code and software

UT patch (Linux): Simply unzip into the ut2003 directory.
UT2003 exension (copy into the UT2003 dir) [zip (5.3MB)

Game Bots (integrated into USARSim)

Mirror Gamebots.zip Mirror Gamebots.umod

If you have quesions, please contact Dr. Alexander Kleiner or Dr. Sven Behnke.