Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning - Exercises

As described on the overview page for the course, there are both theoretical assignments and practicals for this course. Bonus marks for the oral examination can be earned in both areas. For both kinds of assignments, students are allowed and encouraged to work in groups of two (and no more than two) students and submit their work jointly.

Exercise Sheet Handed out Due
Übungsblatt 1 Mittwoch, 21. April Montag, 26. April
Übungsblatt 2 Montag, 26. April Montag, 3. Mai
Übungsblatt 3 Montag, 3. Mai Montag, 10. Mai
Übungsblatt 4 Montag, 10. Mai Montag, 17. Mai
Übungsblatt 5 Montag, 17. Mai Montag, 31. Mai
Übungsblatt 6 Montag, 31. Mai Montag, 7. Juni
Übungsblatt 7 Montag, 7. Juni Montag, 14. Juni
Übungsblatt 8 Montag, 14. Juni Montag, 21. Juni
Übungsblatt 9 Montag, 21. Juni Montag, 28. Juni
Übungsblatt 10 Montag, 28. Juni Montag, 5. Juli
Übungsblatt 11 Montag, 5. Juli Montag, 12. Juli
Übungsblatt 12 Montag, 12. Juli Montag, 19. Juli

List of practicals

Project description Handed out Due
Projekt P1 Montag, 10. Mai Montag, 31. Mai
Projekt P2 Montag, 14. Juni Montag, 5. Juli
Projekt P3 Mittwoch, 7. Juli Mittwoch, 21. Juli

Semantische Netze für Projekt P3 (Beispieleingaben).

Notes on Programming Assignments

For programming assignments, the following programming languages may be used: C, C++, Java, Python. Other programming languages may be used by arrangement in most cases. If you want to use such a language, please contact us before working on the assignment.

Submitted programs must meet the given input and output specifications, pass some tests, and be sufficiently documented. Programs that don't meet these criteria won't be accepted, but we will give the opportunity to repair any flaws before the due date of the project. We thus ask you to submit early in order to leave time for fixing your code.