Multi-Agent Programming Laboratory

Organizers: Prof. Dr. Christian Becker-Asano, Dr. Stefan Wölfl und Prof. Dr. Bernhard Nebel

Time and Place

Time: Friday 1pm - 5pm
Place: Building 082 - SR 00 029 (Mensa building)


This practical provides hands-on experience on how to realize a multi-agent system, in which rather simple agents cooperatively solve a specific task in a 3D environment. It is based on the "breve" simulation environment, an open-source software toolkit freely available for Mac, Linux, and MS Windows platforms.

We will learn about the "subsumption architecture", which we will use to implement the "Mars Explorer World" scenario in breve's interpreter language "Steve". Your teams of agents will have to compete against each other by simultaneously collecting resources in close proximity. Extending the architecture toward a "hybrid" architecture will be your final task during this practical.

Literature and resources

The main part of this practical is based on chapter five of the book "An Introduction to Multiagent Systems" by Michael Wooldridge. Some copies are available in the computer science department's library.
The latest version of the "breve" programming environment can be downloaded here: https://github.com/kephale/breve/

Please also check the following webpage for updates: https://www.becker-asano.de/index.php/teaching/35-teaching/67-multi-agent-programming-laboratory-ss12.

Preconditions and language

This practical is open to master students of computer science. Basic knowledge in at least one major programming language is certainly helpful, but not mandatory. The language of this practical will be English.


In order to participate in this practical you are kindly requested to register using its Campus Management website, please.