AI Planning - Exercises

Exercise Sheet Handed Out Due
Exercise 1 (ps) (pdf) Wed, April 13 Mon, April 18
Exercise 2 (ps) (pdf) Wed, April 20 Mon, April 25
Exercise 3 (ps) (pdf) Wed, April 27 Mon, May 2
Exercise 4 (ps) (pdf) Wed, May 4 Mon, May 9
Exercise 5 (ps) (pdf) Wed, May 11 Mon, May 23
Exercise 6 (ps) (pdf) Wed, May 25 Mon, May 30
Exercise 7 (ps) (pdf) Wed, June 1 Mon, June 6
Exercise 8 (ps) (pdf) Wed, June 8 Wed, June 15
Exercise 9 (ps) (pdf) Wed, June 15 Mon, June 20
Exercise 10 (ps) (pdf) Wed, June 22 Mon, June 27
Exercise 11 (ps) (pdf) Wed, June 29 Mon, July 4
Exercise 12 (ps) (pdf) Wed, July 6 Mon, July 11

Submission and Marking

If you have any questions, please mail to Prof. Dr. Marco Ragni.

Solved exercises are returned as a hardcopy at the beginning of the Monday lecture, or by email to Tutor.

These assignments are solved individually (group size is 2).
You may write your answers in English or German.

Exercise marks count towards your final grade for this course, which is calculated from exercise marks (15%) and exam marks (85%).

Additional Downloads

The FF Planning System

FF is a planning system developed by Jörg Hoffmann that can solve planning tasks specified in the PDDL formalism. You can download ready-to-use versions for Linux (on a PC) or Solaris.

Alternatively, you can compile FF for another operating system or machine if you download the source package and follow the instructions in the README file. You will need a make tool, a C compiler such as gcc, a parser generator such as yacc or bison, and a lexical analyzer generater such as lex or flex.

To solve planning tasks with FF, you need a domain specification file (e.g. domain.pddl), which defines the predicates and operators of the planning domain, and a problem specification file (e.g. problem.pddl), which defines the objects, initial state and goal states of the planning task. FF is run with the command ./ff -o domain.pddl -f problem.pddl. The solution is printed to screen and to a file named problem.pddl.soln.

Supplementary material for