Completed theses

Proposed topics

Bachelor's thesis, Bachelor's project, Master's thesis or Master's project
Development of an anthropomorphic robotic head
Several Bachelor and/or Master theses and projects are available with the common objective to develop an anthropomorphic robotic head. Particularly, the focus is on the technical realization of natural head- and eye-movements. A 3D printer is available.

Further information and contact: Felix Lindner and Marco Ragni

Ongoing topics

Bachelor's project
Multi target path planning as decision tool for mobile robots

Assigned to: Anna Windbuehler (since November 2016)

Master's project
Lattice based path planning in a cooperative multi robot setting

Assigned to: Ikrima Bin Saeed (since November 2016)

Master's project
Object recognition and tracking for Sick Robot Day 2016

Assigned to: Robert Grönsfeld (since October 2015)

The Sick Robot Day competition poses many interesting challenges for an autonomous robot, especially in the fields of navigation, perception and manipulation. In this project the problem of object perception is addressed. The robot needs to recognize cubes in the competition arena. These cubes can be placed by the robot or by the robot of the opposing team and collision with the cubes leads to disqualification. Therefore it is crucial to detect and track the position of any cubes and provide the gathered information to the navigation component.