Organizer: Dr. Benedict Wright

Time and Place

Time: Monday, 2:00 pm
Place: Room 052 00-016 (meeting room of the Foundations of Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering groups)


Members of the research group present and discuss their current research. The target audience consists of academic staff and interested guests. Students may feel free to participate, but should be aware that no ECTS points can be earned.


Date Topic Presenter
24.10.2016 Automated Data Management Workflow Generation with Ontologies and Planning Dr. Benedict Wright
07.11.2016 Distributed Multi-Agent Planning (in a Game-Theoretic Framework) Dr. Tim Schulte
05.12.2016 Multi-Agent Planning with Implicit Coordination Dr. Thorsten Engesser
19.12.2016 Interval-relaxed Numeric Planning Dr. Johannes Aldinger
16.01.2017 A Survey on Multi-Agent Path Finding Dr. Florian Geißer
06.02.2017 Planning for Autonomous Robots Dr. Andreas Hertle
13.03.2017 State-Dependent Action Costs and EVMDDs: Some Further Ideas Dr. Robert Mattmüller