Data-Mining in Practice - Overview

Lecturer: Dr. Andreas Karwath and Dr. Alexander Kleiner

Time and Location

Exercises: Wednesday 14:15-16:00
Location: Building 082, blue entrance door beneath the Mensa
First meeting will be on the 28.10.09


The course will be given in English.


In this practical we will investigate the possibility of using a number of wearable sensors (low cost sensors like the WII Remote, X-Sens IMUs and/or the X-Sense Moven suit) in order to predict the current activities of humans. The practical will initially start with a literature survey, where each group will review some current research areas. In the second phase of the practical, the students will (re-)implement some algorithms (and incorporate them with existing programs) in order to perform experiments using a number of different sensors. The aim of the practical is two-fold: becoming aware of state of the art in this interesting field of research, as well as to be able to develop pieces of software in groups as well as in agreement with other groups.


Topics of this course are:
  • Data mining
  • Machine learning
  • Robotics


The course has a strong focus on practical solutions. Therefore, programming skills in C++ are mandatory. Furthermore, knowledge of concepts from the lecture Foundations of Artificial Intelligence (Grundlagen der Künstlichen Intelligenz), such as search methods, and probabilistic methods, are useful.

The course can be credidted as "practical course" for master students or alternatively as "project" for bacherlor studenst.