Robotics Laboratory - Overview

Organizers: Dr. Alexander Kleiner and Dr. Sven Behnke

Time and Location

Time: Thursday 14:00-18:00
Introductory meeting: Thursday, October 21st 2004, 14:00
Location: RoboCup room, building 082 (Mensa); entrance through the blue door


The laboratory provides motivated students with an opportunity to apply their knowledge on the development of autonomous agents in the context of RoboCup. This includes topic from the areas of Artificial Intelligence, image/sensor processing, real time systems and control engineering. For a more detailed description of RoboCup, have a look at the official homepage www.robocup.org.

We are currently active in the following areas of RoboCup:

  • ResQ Freiburg Real in the RoboCupRescue Robot league
  • Nimbro in the RoboCupSoccer Humanoid league
RoboCupSoccer Humanoid League RoboCupRescue
Robot League

Real Rescue League
Real Rescue League
Real Rescue League

Students participating in this laboratory must choose a project from one of these areas. In this context, they will learn how robots perceive their environment, decide which actions to execute, and how to execute them reliably. They will have to give short presentations during the laboratory to share their experiences with other students in the group. Finally, they have to hand in a short report of their project. Some of the proposed projects are listed on the project page.


Since all of our existing software is either written in C/C++ or in Java, programming experience is absolutely necessary. Additionally, it would be useful if students are familiar with some techniques from the area of Artificial Intelligence, image processing or control engineering.

We are particularly interested in students that intend to continue their work within a RoboCup team. They might also get the opportunity to participate in international competitions. To reach this goal, however, we expect a high degree of motivation and time investment.