Seminar: Advanced Topics in Knowledge Representation and Reasoning - Organization

Organizer: Prof. Dr. Bernhard Nebel, Dr. Stefan Wölfl, Dr. Thorsten Engesser, Prof. Dr. Felix Lindner (Juniorprof.).

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Stefan Wölfl.


  • 02-05-2016, 16:30--18:00 (Bld. 52, Room 00-016): Introduction / Kickoff-Meeting
  • 09-05-2016: Preferences list for topic assignment (see below)
  • 04-07-2016: Paper (draft version) due (arrange feedback meeting on July 5-8 with your supervisor)
  • 11-07-2016: Paper (final version) due
  • 18-07-2016: Poster & slides (draft version) due
  • 20-07-2016: Poster (final version) due (arrange feedback meeting on July 18 or 19 with your supervisor)
  • Blockseminar:
    • Fri 22.7., Bld. 101-02-16/18, 9:00 - 18:00
    • Mon 25.7., Bld. 101-02-16/18, 9:00 - 12:00


In the lecture on KR&R many basic knwowledge representation formalisms and reasonig algorithms were discussed. In the seminar we want to study and discuss more advanced techniques. Basic knowledge in KR&R is advantageous, but not a formal prerequisite for the participation in the seminar.

Students will not only learn about these topics, but also exercise basic scientific techniques: write a (short) paper, prepare and give a presentation and a poster.

Prerequisites and ECTS Credits

To obtain ECTS credits, the participants have to

  • give an oral presentation of about 25 minutes,
  • hand in a short paper of 2-3 pages about their topic,
  • present a poster about one of the topics,
  • be present throughout the whole seminar.

Preparation of paper, talk, and poster

Papers, slides, presentations, and posters should be in English.

The paper should be prepared with LaTeX using the AAAI author kit:
You will find commented examples that you may use as a guideline for structuring your paper in our seminar guide. There, you will also find further hints on how to prepare and give a seminar talk. More detailed information about the posters will be given shortly.

Topic assignment

The topics will be briefly presented during the kickoff meeting. The assignment of topics to students is now available. Everyone bids for 5 topics ordered by preference (most preferred first). Send preferences to Dr. Stefan Wölfl no later than Mon May 9, 2015 (email subject: "[krr16] ..."). Please use the topic shortcuts!