Reading Group on Planning and Search

Organizers: Prof. Dr. Malte Helmert and Prof. Dr. Bernhard Nebel

Time and Place

Time: Thursday 16:00-17:00 (starts 4 PM sharp)
Place: Room 052 00-016 (meeting room of the Foundations of Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering groups)


In the reading group, we discuss current and classical research on action planning, search and related areas. All participants can make recommendations for the reading list, from which one or more papers are selected for each meeting. Participants read the selected papers individually in preparation for the meeeting and discuss them during the meeting.

The target audience of the reading group consists of academic staff and interested guests, comparable to a staff seminar or a seminar in a graduate school. Students may feel free to participate, but should be aware that no ECTS points can be earned for the reading group.


Date Topic Contact
07.05.2009 First meeting Prof. Dr. Malte Helmert
14.05.2009 Patrik Haslum and Hector Geffner.
Heuristic Planning with Time and Resources.
In Proc. ECP 2001, pp. 121-132.
Prof. Dr. Malte Helmert
21.05.2009 No meeting (Ascension Day)
28.05.2009 Richard E. Korf, Weixiong Zhang, Ignacio Thayer and Heath Hohwald.
Frontier Search.
In Journal of the ACM, 52(5):715-748, 2005.
meeting at 17:15-18:00 (deviating from regular schedule)
Dr. Sebastian Kupferschmid
04.06.2009 No meeting (Pentecost break)
11.06.2009 No meeting (Corpus Christi)
18.06.2009 Patrik Haslum.
Improving Heuristics Through Relaxed Search.
In JAIR, 25:233-267, 2006.
Prof. Dr. Malte Helmert
25.06.2009 Paper pool presentation Dr. Sebastian Kupferschmid
02.07.2009 Andreas Junghanns, Jonathan Schaeffer.
Sokoban: Enhancing General Single-Agent Search Methods Using Domain Knowledge.
In Artificial Intelligence, 129(1-2):219-251, 2001.
Dr. Robert Mattmüller
09.07.2009 Robert C. Holte, M. B. Perez, Robert M. Zimmer and Alan J. MacDonald.
Hierarchical A*: Searching Abstraction Hierarchies Efficiently.
In Proceedings of the 13th National Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI 1996), pp. 530-535. AAAI Press 1996.
PDF is TR to the corresponding paper

Robert C. Holte, Jeffery Grajkowski and Brian Tanner.
Hierarchical Heuristic Search Revisited.
In Proceedings of the 6th International Symposium on Abstraction, Reformulation and Approximation (SARA 2005), pp. 121-133. Springer-Verlag 2005.
Dr. Sebastian Kupferschmid
16.07.2009 Rong Zhou and Eric A. Hansen.
Breadth-first Heuristic Search.
In Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling (ICAPS 2004), pp. 92-100. AAAI Press 2004.

Rong Zhou and Eric A. Hansen.
Breadth-first Heuristic Search.
In Artificial Intelligence, 170(4-5):385-408, 2006.
Dr. Sebastian Kupferschmid
23.07.2009 Armand E. Prieditis.
Machine Discovery of Effective Admissible Heuristics.
In Machine Learning, 12:117-141, 1993.
Prof. Dr. Malte Helmert
30.07.2009 Robert C. Holte.
Common Misconceptions Concerning Heuristic Search.
Second International Symposium on Combinatorial Search (SoCS 2009).
Prof. Dr. Malte Helmert

Further Information

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Prof. Dr. Malte Helmert.