Dr. Sebastian Kupferschmid

Dr. Sebastian Kupferschmid

I have left the research group for Foundations of Artificial Intelligence!

You can contact me using my new e-mail address.

About me

I received a diploma in computer science (Dipl.-Informatiker) from the University of Freiburg in November 2003.

Since then I have been working in the Research Group on the Foundations of Artificial Intelligence at the University of Freiburg, headed by Prof. Dr. Bernhard Nebel. I joined the group in November 2003. Since January 2004, I am a member of the Transregional Collaborative Research Center AVACS. I submitted my PhD dissertation in November 2009 and defended it in December 2009.


MCTA is a directed model checking tool for real-time systems. The tool was mainly developed by Martin Wehrle and me. Further information and the tool itself can be obtained from the MCTA homepage.


My Erdős number is less or equal to 4:

Paul Erdős - Saharon Shelah - Amir Pnueli - Andreas Podelski - me