Alexander Kleiner

Nice Robot Videos


TechX Finals 2008:

Autonomous elevator operation (~ 15MB) [avi]

Elrob 2008:

Autonomous camp surveillance (~ 18MB) [flash] [mpg] [wmv]
The video shows a robot autonomously entering an unknown area (camp) for searching for intruders. The robot travels to surveilliance points provided by the human in advance. At each point it extends its manipulator in order to get a better view of the surroundings. Then, a surveiliance software processing the video stream from all three cameras of the robot is executed. If a human has been detected, the software automatically stores the GPS location and an image of the detection on the harddisk. Finally, the robot returns to its starting position for delivering its obeservations.

TechX Challenge Singapore Qualification:

Autonomous navigation (~ 8MB) [wmv] [mpeg2] [xvid]
During the navigating challenge the robot had to autonomously overcome a obstacle field of 30 meters.

Autonomous stair climbing side view (~ 6MB) [wmv] [mpeg] [xvid]
Autonomous stair climbing back view (~ 9MB) [wmv] [mpeg] [xvid]
During the stair challenge the robot had to autonomously climb-up a stair.

Autonomous elevator operation during the competition (~ 27MB) [wmv] [mpeg2] [xvid]
Autonomous elevator operation with a moc-up elevator (~ 32MB) [wmv] [mpeg2] [xvid]
During the elevator challenge the robot had to autonomously press the elevator panel inside the elevator. (1) The DTSA official starts the robot with the estop. (2) The robot goes into elevator flipper position. (3) The robot approaches the back wall of the elevator while adjusting its orientation. (4) The manipulator starts to measure the elevator interior with the laser range finder mounted on the gripper. (5) The planner finds a safe position and trajectory to move the arm towards. (6) The gripper takes another 3D scan for determining the distance of the panel. (7) The vision module identifies the button to press. (8) The gripper approaches the panel by visual servoing.


Sick Robot Day: Optimized training run with 2 m/s (avi - 3.5MB)
Sick Robot Day: 1st run - camera 1 (avi - 4MB)
Sick Robot Day: 1st run - camera 2 (avi - 11MB)
Sick Robot Day: 2nd run (avi - 6.1MB)
See the map generated by the robot
Results and pictures from Sick
This videos show the Zerg robot driving fast during the training and the "Robot Day", a robot competition organized by the Sick company in Waldkirch. The robot won the 1st place of the indoor race by finishing the course within 20 seconds, whereas the next best team needed 30 seconds. The robot has been controlled by "Commander Greedy", a reactive controller that avoids obstacles detected by the laser range finder. Furthermore, the robot localized itself with Monte Carlo Localization (MCL) and planned its trajectory with a A* planner.

Behavior maps: Lurker exploration on rough terrain (mpeg - 49MB)
This video shows the Lurker robot driving on rough terrain while classifying structures and building behavior maps. The behavior maps allow the robot to exexute behaviours with respect to the context.

Large-Scale exploration of 12 robots: Simulated RFID approach in USARSim (mpeg 5MB)
This video shows a team of simulated ZERG robots in outdoor and indoor environments. They synchronize their exploration by data exchange via RFID tags.

Fast and Autonomous: Zerg navigating in a narrow arena (xvid - 11MB)
This video shows the Zerg driving at high speed.

Autonomous Victim detection (wmv - 11MB) (mpeg - 5MB)
This video shows the application of Markov Random Fields (MRFs) to the problem of victim detection. The classifier combines evidence from motion, color, and shape, detected in images from a thermo (IR) and video camera, respectively.


Final @RoboCup'06 (xvid - 18.1MB) (mpeg1 - 35.8MB)
Final run in the Autonomy Challenge 2006 in Bremen: During this challenge the robot had to autonomously explopre and map an unknown environment. Furthermore, the environment contained victims, which had to be found by the robot and their location to be marked on the map (in the video this takes place if the robot stops for some seconds).

Zerg controlling a flying robot (xvid - 4.0MB) (mpeg1 - 7.6MB)
Video of the linkmav during a center court demo: You see the autonomous ground control of a UAV (linkmav) by one of our Zerg robots. The linkmav has been developed at Linkoeping University (Sweden).

Lurker climbing autonomously a stair in Bremen (xvid - 7.6MB) (mpeg1 - 13.0MB)
Video of the lurker climbing autonomously a palett and a stair during a center court demo.

Lurker climbing autonomously a palette (xvid - 1.5MB) (mpeg1 - 2.0MB)
Video of the lurker climbing autonomously a palett.


Final @RoboCup'05 (mpeg1 - 250MB)